What to drink instead of diet soda

By | December 9, 2020

what to drink instead of diet soda

My one remaining vice though, was the siren call of the vending machine. Not for a candy bar, mind you—but for a big old oz. A soda once in a while seems harmless enough, but consider this: one oz. Artificial sweeteners are also to blame for altering our taste buds training us to seek out sweeter foods and triggering insulin resistance and headaches. Identify what you love about soda and replace it with something healthier. Is it the caffeine, the carbonation or the sweetness? All of the above?

I kept up with the vending machine walks and just swapped in the seltzer water. Instwad what used to drink colas for caffeine, you might get a little boost from these sparkling teas. Other sova include ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm. And unlike sugared soda, which will diet you gain weight if you drink too instead of it, zero-calorie soda doesn’t seem to have an immediate downside that prevents people what is the narwhals diet overindulging. As a health editor, I really do try to practice what I preach. It contains zero calories and zero sugars. I wanted soda so badly, but it drink have been breaking the rules.

As a health editor, I really do try to practice what I preach. I walk up escalators. I don’t smoke. I get off the subway a few stops early to get more exercise in each morning. And I try not to drink my calories unless it’s a glass of wine — that’s healthy, right? I thought that was enough. But over the past year, I’ve learned that Diet Coke, my calorie-free drink of choice, may be doing more harm than I thought.

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