Vegan diet for space

By | March 2, 2021

vegan diet for space

Viewed 9k times. Our taste preference is a costly habit that consumes the resources humans need to live. Science-fiction films and series such as Sunshine and Star Trek have long shown the need for massive hydroponic bays on space ships in order to have a completely sustainable food source for the crew. In a three-year study funded by NASA and conducted several years ago by scientists at Cornell University in New York, recipes were developed for astronauts that could be prepared from primarily vegetarian ingredients such as wheat, rice, soybeans and vegetables. This is exactly why President Clinton went vegan after he had multiple heart surgeries. According to research evidence done by the American Dietetic Association, humans have no nutritional or biological need for animal products. Linked Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Janice Voss, another active astronaut with over hours in space, is also a vegetarian.

You need to support these claims in your answer. Hot Network Questions. I suppose: It is technically possible to have healthy vegetarian space food? Contrary to popular belief, humans can receive all the recommended daily grams of protein we need through plants alone. But with the grace of Master, along with the ongoing efforts of fellow practitioners and other vegetarian organizations, more and more people will surely understand the importance of the vegetarian diet. Scientists are able to produce B12 a similar way. On the other hand, humans have special features for digesting different kinds of plant matter, such as the enzymes in the saliva that begin the digestion of starches. A trip to Mars takes about six months each way.

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