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Swissdigital Design Launches Travel Gear Line with Apple Find My Network Support

January 4th, 2022. Swissdigital Design offers a travel line that works with Apple’s Find My app, allowing travellers to locate and keep track of their belongings in a secure and easy way. Swissdigital Design, a technology fashion premium brand, today announces its first line of travel gear, SDD Finding series, which works with Apple’s vast… Read More »

Gift launches precision medicine research at Harvard and in Tel Aviv

Why does SARS-CoV-2 shapeshift wildly from one person to the next, causing barely a sniffle in some but raging, lethal infections in others? Why do people diagnosed with the same cancer and receiving identical treatments have vastly different outcomes? Untangling the precise factors that underlie such medical mysteries can illuminate individualized treatments based on a… Read More »