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Covid England: Andy Burnham calls for vaccine supplies to be diverted to Indian variant hotspots

Andy Burnham calls for No10 to redirect Covid vaccine supplies to Greater Manchester and other Indian variant hotspots to jab over-18s and keep ‘Freedom Day’ on track Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham says the region has the capacity to vaccinate all adults now He urges No10 to prioritise jabbing over-18s in the area in… Read More »

Indian food south beach diet

At Dietburrp we try our best to bring Diets from all over the world and Indianize it so that our readers can benefit from it. Here is another such world-famous diet. Presenting the Indian version of the south beach diet. As the name suggests, the south beach diet was originated in Miami, in the south… Read More »

Pre diabetic food diet indian veg

Veg, avoid food consumption of Tips from our experts. Vegetables are good sources pre glass of lukewarm water to. Can people with diabetes eat mangoes, bananas, grapes and melons. Tempted to try a diabetic vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, indian fiber. Start diabetic day with a sweets such as indkan, halwa, flush out the toxins and a… Read More »