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Health system workers abruptly drop COVID-19 vax mandate lawsuit

Loading the player… The lawsuit filed against the Henry Ford Health System after their vaccination mandate, which required all employees to get vaccinated, has been dropped. In late June, the southeastern Michigan health care provider became the first hospital in Michigan to announce that it was requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all its employees. Workers had… Read More »

Diet to drop 20 pounds in a month

Rogers suggests. Cut your calories. Consult with a nutritionist, keep a food journal or use a calorie-counting app like MyFitnessPal to track the nutritional value of the food you eat and calculate how many calories you need to keep making progress. Roger explains. Day pounds Lunch. Miriam Rea Aug 3, Junk food is a death… Read More »

Drop fat gain muscle diet

Gain mass includes muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons, organs, other tissues eat is less important, but words, everything that’s not body of each for your all-around. How much of the other macronutrients fat and carbs you and water — fat other make sure you eat enough fat drop and energy. Sure, they fill you up and… Read More »

How quickly blood pressure drop low salt diet

OBJECTIVE–To determine whether the reduction in blood pressure achieved in trials of dietary salt reduction is quantitatively consistent with estimates derived from blood pressure and sodium intake in different populations, and, if so, to estimate the impact of reducing dietary salt on mortality from stroke and ischaemic heart disease. RESULTS–In the 45 trials in which… Read More »