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ICUs are nearing capacity in this French city. And it’s only September

That’s how Dr. Olivier Joannes-Boyau, head of the intensive care unit at University Hospital in the southwestern city of Bordeaux, describes the resurgence of Covid-19 in France. After young French people took advantage of the lifting of lockdown and summer months to socialize freely, Covid-19 hospitalizations have risen in large cities like Paris, Bordeaux and… Read More »

Do as the Romans do: Italy selling homes near capital city for 1 euro

Amid Italy’s recent real estate renovation spree, buyers now have a shot at scoring a dirt-cheap dwelling near the heart of Italian culture, Rome. Mayor Claudio Sperduti of the town of Maenza, located about 40 miles southeast of Rome, will make about 100 dilapidated townhomes available to ambitious occupants from around the world, according to… Read More »