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Dash diet for cardiac protection

Think you can’t stop hypertension, or high blood pressure? You might be able to if you follow a balanced eating pattern, such as the DASH diet. By combining DASH with exercise, individuals may be able to reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors. Originally implemented as a dietary plan to lower blood pressure, DASH has… Read More »

What is a cardiac renal diet?

Rice milk has NO nutritional value making it an empty calorie food that may even spike your blood sugar levels. Who gets heart disease? Renal Diet Basics Eating correctly is important for kidney health. Calcium : Follow the advice of your physician and dietitian to prevent high and low blood calcium levels. One of these… Read More »

Cardiac diet for a diabetic

If not, let your doctor know you could use some help. Avocados contain fiber and healthy fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. Healthy heart for life: Avoiding heart disease Hemochromatosis High blood pressure hypertension High blood pressure and cold remedies: Which are safe? For example, it can cause abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure… Read More »

Cardiac vs diabetic diet

And it also means avoiding saturated fats, trans fats, and excess sodium and sugar. Dietary fiber includes cardiac parts cardiac plant foods that your body can’t digest or absorb. Foods that are particularly beneficial include: Legumes such as lentils, split peas, and beans Diet are high in soluble fiber, which is great for both diet… Read More »