Supplements for a raw food diet

By | April 15, 2021

supplements for a raw food diet

Proponents of the raw dog food diet believe that it’s far healthier for dogs than commercially made kibble. However, veterinarians caution against it for many reasons. One of the major issues is that a diet of just meat, bones and vegetables does not contain the balanced nutrition a dog needs to thrive. Adding supplements to a raw food diet is a critical part of ensuring this diet is right for your dog. Depending on how you feed your dog, you’ll need to make sure that the diet has the nutrients they need. It may involve adding raw dog food supplements to your home prepared meals. Or, if you prefer to buy pre-made raw food products, you’ll need to learn to review the packaging information to ensure the product contains the right vitamins, minerals and other ingredients necessary. As noted by PetMD, there are no official guidelines regarding what vitamins and minerals should be included in a raw dog food diet. While guidelines do exist for traditional kibble and canned foods, these are not a good standard to follow when feeding raw. Doing so could actually end up providing your dog with too much of a certain ingredient that can lead to health problems down the line. If you’re determined to make your dog’s food yourself, it’s important to speak to a veterinary nutritionist to be sure your recipes are covering all of your dog’s dietary needs.

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