Liquid diet plan program california

By | November 1, 2020

liquid diet plan program california

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Liquid diets–which grew up quietly in the past decade as hospital treatment for the seriously obese and exploded in popularity in the late s–might be losing some of their luster. Manufacturers of such diet plans as Optifast, Health Management Resources and the over-the-counter protein drink, Slim-Fast, report a downturn in popularity after a year of soaring sales just as some lawmakers and health experts initiate public inquiries into the safety and effectiveness of the programs. Manufacturers, saying there is no clear explanation for the drop in business, say safety problems have not caused the decline. They also charge that over-the-counter protein drinks might be misused, leading to severe health consequences. Supporters of VLCDs, which include the directors of about 1, hospital-based programs, say the diets are safe when supervised by a physician and a team of nutritionists and behavior therapists. They say the diets have become an important tool in the treatment of obesity and that regular exercise and behavioral modification to teach the patient new eating habits often ensures moderate success.

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Yes No. September 15, , , by Rapid weight loss is possible on a liquid meal replacement program, due to the carefully formulated liquid meals. The total number of calories in a liquid meal replacement diet can range from daily. In most cases, expenses related to appointments, diagnostic tests and class fees qualify; the costs for meal replacement products DO NOT qualify.

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