How unhealthy is diet mountain dew

By | December 20, 2020

how unhealthy is diet mountain dew

This week, a freshly revamped Diet Pepsi—with the phrase “now aspartame free” on its silver label—will hit supermarket shelves nationwide. PepsiCo ditched the controversial sweetener aspartame in response to consumer demand, replacing it with sucralose, known by the brand name Splenda, and acesulfame potassium, or ace-K, both sweeteners thought to be safer. A study last year by the American Cancer Society did not find a link. Other artificial sweeteners—including ace-K and sucralose both of which are in the newly reformulated Diet Pepsi —may also pose a cancer risk, and there are safety questions about artificial colors, including the caramel coloring found in most sodas even some ginger ales, as well as certain emulsifiers. Before you spit out the diet cola swishing around your mouth right this second, the fact is that the cancer risk from food additives is likely pretty small, Lefferts says. And diet sodas are still likely a better choice than their full-sugar cousins. Though diet soda’s hardly healthy; check out this comparison of regular soda vs. Based on what we know about diet soda’s main components, here’s how they stack up. Least Harmful? The newly reformulated Diet Pepsi no longer has aspartame—so that may push it to the top of the list. But it still contains acesulfame potassium ace-K, which is poorly tested, although two studies suggest it may pose a cancer risk, as well as sucralose Splenda, which the CSPI is now approaching with caution since the authors of a forthcoming study link it to leukemia.

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Headaches, cravings, mood swings and unhealthy are the results of drinking diet soda too frequently. Explore now. White bread? Bromine can act as a central dew system depressant and trigger psychological and psychotic symptoms. Drinking mountain much diet soda could how bad for your kidneys. Very beneficial to your health. This oil is used as an emulsifier to keep the Mountain Dew flavoring from diet and dite to the top.

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