Hiw come south beach diet died

By | October 27, 2020

hiw come south beach diet died

Montignac told The New York Times in One person found this helpful. Miguel Delaney. Show details. Just as George Dubya oversimplified global conflict by divvying up the atlas between Good Guys Americans and Bad Guys Arabs, so Dr Agatston divides food groups with the latest buzzwords of the world’s diet tribes: The Glycaemic Index. Much of my medical career has been devoted to noninvasive cardiac imaging, the technology that allows us to get detailed pictures of the heart and coronary arteries from outside the body. DPReview Digital Photography. One can’t help but lose weight if one cuts out processed food, fat, carbohydrates and alcohol.

Michel Montignac, the self-trained French diet promoter who wrote best-selling books and built a business based on the idea that losing weight depends on what you eat, not how much, died Sunday at a clinic in Annemasse, France. He was 66 and lived in Juvigny, France. His daughter Sybille confirmed his death on her blog but did not specify the cause. Montignac, who was overweight as young man, was an executive for a pharmaceutical company in the s when he began looking for ways to lose pounds. Arthur Agatston, adopted a similar approach. Testing the idea on himself, Mr. Montignac lost more than 30 pounds in three months, according to his Web site, montignac. Instead, he proposed that dieters cut back sharply on foods known to raise blood sugar, and he developed rules detailing which foods may be eaten with others to aid digestion.

Move over Dr Atkins. The paperback hit UK bookstores in December and claims weight loss of 8 to 13 pounds within a fortnight. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the poster boy and girl of South Beach, with New York magazine reporting Clinton’s claim that “all his Hollywood friends” were converts. New weight loss regimes are as vulnerable to deposition as a South American dictator. Dr Atkins, however, was a Juan Peron of diet dictators. His Diet Revolution was first published in the s but didn’t gain worldwide acclaim until just before his death in Whether beautiful genes, personal trainers and live-in dieticians or Atkins are responsible is a moot point. But celebrity endorsement gave the Atkins diet legs and it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood royalty migrates to South Beach.

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