Heart failure and low sodium diet

By | January 11, 2021

heart failure and low sodium diet

However, there was no significant difference in levels of adherence between patients whose family member was a spouse and those whose family member was not a spouse, or between patients living with the family member and patients living alone Table 3. In hospitalized HF patients, insufficient clinical decongestion at hospital discharge predicts HF readmission and all-cause mortality. In summary, in part through its blood-pressure lowering effects, sodium restriction has the potential to reduce the incidence of HF. Recognize menu terms that may indicate a high sodium content : pickled, au jus, soy sauce or in broth. Enjoying what you eat is important. Heart J. The UCSF Nutrition Counseling Clinic answers questions about nutrition and heart health including, some of the biggest myths about heart-healthy foods. When considered in the context of whether or not family members also followed the LSD, patients with a non-spousal family member who followed a LSD were 4 times more likely to be adherent than patients with a spouse who did not follow the LSD Table 4. Whether having a family member follow a LSD improves patient adherence has not been tested objectively. Three gram sodium intake is associated with longer event-free survival only in patients with advanced heart failure. After days of follow-up, a moderate-sodium diet was associated with a significant reduction in readmissions and a trend toward lower mortality.

Adherence to the low sodium diet LSD is difficult without continuous support from spouses or family members. Whether having a family member follow a LSD improves patient adherence has not been tested objectively. To examine the effect of family adherence to a LSD on patient adherence to a LSD and to examine whether this effect differed by relationship status and living arrangement. In this secondary data analysis, we analyzed data from outpatients with HF who had objective evidence of adherence to a LSD i. Compared to patients whose family did not followed a LSD, patients whose family member followed a LSD had lower average urinary sodium excretion mg vs. Patients whose spouses followed the LSD had lower sodium excretion than patients whose spouses did not follow the LSD mg vs. Living with a spouse or other family member improved patient adherence to LSD only when the spouse or family member also followed the LSD. These results suggest that interventions aimed at improving LSD adherence should target patient and family member dyads to encourage family members to follow the LSD with patients. Dietary sodium restriction is a critical self-care task for patients with heart failure HF.

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