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Two thirds of HIV controllers in French cohort haven’t needed HIV treatment yet

HIV controllers who stopped treatment maintained low viral loads, but almost all resumed treatment eventually The majority of people with HIV who control the virus without treatment appear likely to maintain that state for many years, follow-up of a French cohort of ‘HIV controllers’ shows. The study of 302 people found that only 30% needed… Read More »

Fully vaccinated Michigan couple dies from COVID-19 a minute apart while holding hands: report

A fully vaccinated Michigan couple died one minute apart from COVID-19 on Sunday after coming down with the virus earlier this month, a report said.  Cal Dunham, 59, and his wife Linda, 66, had preexisting conditions and were very cautious, Fox17Online reported. But they came down with symptoms during a recent camping trip and days… Read More »

What your weird dreams really mean – taboo sex, falling from sky, being naked in public

Whether your dreams are sweet, naughty or just plain weird, sometimes it can feel like there’s no explaining them. Yet often our nighttime visions can tap into our subconscious and offer a window into feelings we’re not even aware of. Ahead of World Dream Day this Saturday, we caught up with expert and best-selling author… Read More »

CDMO Lonza strikes deal with Allarity Therapeutics to manufacture cancer drug candidate dovitinib

Allarity Therapeutics has worked diligently to develop Novartis’ failed cancer drug dovitinib. Now, as the Danish biotech anticipates the drug’s approval for metastatic renal cell carcinoma, it has lined up a manufacturing partner. Allarity has come to an agreement with CDMO giant Lonza, which will provide drug supply and regulatory support toward potential commercialization.  From its… Read More »