Are there any problem with heart healthy diet

By | July 24, 2020

are there any problem with heart healthy diet

Millions of readers rely on HelpGuide for free, evidence-based resources to understand and navigate mental health challenges. Please donate today to help us protect, support, and save lives. Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women—and claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease can also take an emotional toll, affecting your mood, outlook, and quality of life. While weight control and regular exercise are critical for keeping your heart in shape, the food you eat can matter just as much. No single food can make you magically healthy, so your overall dietary pattern is more important than specific foods. If you are concerned about your heart health, rather than avoiding fat in your diet, try replacing unhealthy fats with good fats. Some of the most important improvements you can make to your diet are to. Cut out trans fats. Limit saturated fats.

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Are there any problem with heart healthy diet well

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